Who are we, and what do we do? 

In 2020, we decided to start this company when we were looking for a Monkey Fist - and we couldn’t find it! So, it was decided that we would make it ourselves! Since then we have decided to expand our business and add more items to our line-up.

 What is a monkey fist?

We use a 4oz metal centre wrapped in Paracord, and then made into the handle style or the Clip option. The Paracord that we use is a 550 Paracord (simply means that it has a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds). Paracord actually comes from the cord originally used on the Soldiers' parachutes in WWII - so you know it’s the real deal.

Only the highest quality components are used to make our premium quality products.

Sometimes these are called biker's whips or slungshots and they can be very useful if you're in a situation where you're confronted by someone trying to mug you or attack you. The steel ball adds inertia, allowing the rope to unleash a nasty crack. 

Our vision behind GKL Tactical

To offer awesome new gear for all those who are tactically inclined - but also for the average Joe and Jane.

We are hoping to engage a lot of women, with the increase in Gender Based Violence - we want all women to start taking their safety seriously - and be comfortable with taking it into their own hands!

We would like to engage everyone who is simply interested in their safety, and the safety of their loved ones

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